Salus Cutis Italia Srl is specialized in Development and Trade

of innovative products, cosmeceutics and medical devices

Salus Cutis specializes in the development and distribution of cosmeceutical products. The company develops and manufactures innovative products for cosmeceuticals and medical protective devices, collaborating with CNT Lab, a laboratory in Fidenza specialized in the study of chemical syntheses and part, like Salus Cutis, of the Clusternanotech Group, a holding linked to research and development. of nanotechnologies.


Our mission is a perennial activity of  Research and Development of safe and effective cosmeceutical formulations and medical device products, based on colloidal silver in clusters, a solution in which the silver particles remain suspended and stable in a solvent without dissolving, and which is obtained thanks to the patented SynthAg ® method.


This component is the basis of all Salus Cutis products.


In the first months of 2020 there was a clear need on the market for new effective and safe products for individual protection against viruses. It is from here, after careful studies, tests and certifications, that our line of Cosmeceutical Products and Personal Protective Equipment was born:


Face Masks 100% cotton fabric treated with SynthAg® silver


Nose Spray

Throat Spray

Spray Mask

Sanitizing Hand Gel

The strength of our references lies in the extraordinary stability of SynthAg ® silver, its ability to create a sort of protective microfilm on the surface on which it is applied and to remain really active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens, trapping them and inactivating their danger.