What is Synthag colloidal silver?

SynthAg colloidal silver is a solution in which the cluster of Ag ions remain suspended and stable in a solvent.

It is a synthesis process conceived and enhanced by CNT LAB chemists and biotechnologists, which by modulating and adapting it in various compositions give life to the various applications of Synthag silver (cosmetics, medical devices and fabrics)

Its peculiarity is to inhibit the vital enzymes of microorganisms and pathogens (therefore making it suitable for antibacterial and antifungal solutions), and to provide prolonged and persistent protection over time: it creates a coating microfilm on the surface of use that makes it “impenetrable” to microbes.

Once applied, its effectiveness persists for a long time, in practice until it is cleansed.


The stability and efficacy of Synthag colloidal silver make it a precious and powerful ingredient in the cosmeceutical preparations of Salus Thermae, creating effective and safe products.

All Salus Thermae products are made with a formula based on Ag + silver cluster (Synthag technological process)

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